Configure Zoho Desk

Configure Zoho Desk

Use this integration for frontend Users to submit and view tickets directly from Zoho Desk. Refer to the instructions page here for initial configuration steps.

Ensure that Zoho Desk and Zoho CRM are integrated. See Sync Zoho CRM with Zoho Desk for more information.

Note:  Only one department and support email address are supported. For Vendor and Contact based Portal Types, the user will only be able to see their own tickets. Default Portal Types will have the option to enable the visibility of other users tickets, related through a common Account: 

All Portal Types will have the option to disable user's ability to tickets:

Admins can allow attachments to be added:


Start by enabling the Show in User portal option, enter a Menu Label value, set the Date Format and Menu Icon:


Title and Description will display on the list view of the records for the front end User.

The List View contains default Zoho Desk standard fields from the layout that will display as column headings for front end Users. Custom fields and attachments are unavailable.

Set Picklist Value

Click into each box and input the values from default picklist fields that you would like to make available to your Users for the filtering and creation of tickets (including custom picklist values). 

Frontend Users will not be able to edit existing tickets but can reply in existing threads as long as the site has SMTP configured.

The Status field will display as a filtering option at the right of the page for your frontend User:


The portal User will see this at the top right and will be able to display records based on the ticket status:


The Priority and Classification field values will be visible to your end Users as drop down options when they add a new ticket. If you would like your Users to add tickets with only a certain priority and classification values, then specify those values in the respective fields.



Note: Ensure that the ticket picklist values you enter in the plugin match the ticket status in Zoho Desk - Customization - Layouts and Fields.


Customize sections and fields with similar functionality to that from Zoho CRM’s integration.

Give sections titles and drag and drop fields into sections:


Display fields across or half way along the layout by using the ellipsis on each field. You can also show or hide fields using the eye symbol and remove:


      Make certain fields required by using the plus sign:


Add custom sections, external elements and layouts by using the buttons at the top right:

The Elements available are: Banner, Text Block, Video Link and iFrame to be displayed in the List View. See this article for more information on ZPortal Elements.

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