Please contact your administrator

Please contact your administrator

Users on the front end will get this error when logging in even with the correct name and password if:

  1. You have exceeded your API Limit and have not upgraded. See API Limit Exceeded
  2. The Contact is associated to an Account.
  3. The API connection has failed or has an invalid oauth token. See Authentication Failed
  4. Contact has been deleted from Zoho CRM. See Contact is not found in CRM
  5. Contact may be duplicated in the CRM. 
Check all of the above. If this error still occurs reach out to for further help. 

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    • Contact is not found in CRM

      This error happens when the Contact (User) has been deleted in the CRM.  To get this contact back go to Zoho CRM>Settings>Recycle Bin and Restore the Contact. ​
    • The Contact (User Name) is not associated with any Account(s).

      This error only applies to Default Portal Types and means the Contact (User) does not have an Account associated with the Contact record.  In Zoho CRM, go to the Contact Record and populate the native Account Name field with a value.
    • Please enable multi-warehouse for your organization

      Zoho Inventory has not been set up with the multi-warehouse feature. In Zoho Inventory go to Settings - Warehouses if you intend to display warehouses in the eCommerce menu of the plugin. ​
    • The user is not associated with the Organization

      This error occurs when a contact exists in the CRM but has not synced over to one of the connected apps.  The standard sync between Zoho CRM and it's counter parts is 2 hours.  Depending on how that contact got created you may need to push an instant ...
    • API Limit Exceeded

      This occurs when the API limit for your plan has exceeded. Upgrade to the next level by going to License - Upgrade License or Log into your Account at ***On occasion this error may occur when you have not exceeded your limit. ...