Settings (Activate Modules)

Settings (Activate Modules)

You now have the Zoho apps you intend for users to access integrated with Zoho CRM and have connected said apps in the Zoho API settings section of the plugin.

The next step in the process is to enable and customize each of the Zoho apps previously connected along with any of the Zoho CRM modules. As per the definition of a module, this is a group of data records housed within Zoho CRM. Note that you will see “modules” created from integrations, i.e. Projects, Visits and some of these will not be available to configure properly in the portal.

Only toggle on native Zoho data modules, including custom modules that you wish to display to the user:


      As you toggle them on, a pop up will ask you to select the User Profiles that should have access. You will notice that the modules are added to the menu list on the left under General Settings:


Once you have enabled the modules as menus select "Update" at the bottom right:

Webtabs were a place to input external links or CRM URL fields (Account, Contact or Vendor specific depending on the Portal Type) and display them as menu items. These have been replaced by Custom Pages

You can edit existing webtab's link setings, how to open them and edit User Profiles. You can delete existing webtabs but note that you can no longer use the "Add Web Tab" button.

The admin can designate menus to be visible or not by User Profile (see more info on Profiles here):


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