Configure Zoho Subscriptions

Configure Zoho Subscriptions

Use this integration to allow Users to view and edit Zoho Subscriptions right within the portal. Zoho Subscriptions is part of the Zoho Finance Suite of products so please ensure that the apps are integrated with Zoho CRM. This integration is not available for Vendor Portal Types.

Note that in order for a User to complete payments, a payment gateway will need to be set up in Zoho Subscriptions (or use the default gateway from Zoho Books). To confirm if this is complete, go to Zoho Subscriptions - Settings - Integrations.

Follow the instructions to connect Zoho Subscriptions to the plugin. Only a single organization ID is supported at this time.

You have verified the Zoho integration and the authenticated Zoho Subscriptions with the plugin, we can move on to customization.

Navigate to the Customization tab, go to Zoho Subscriptions, enable the “Show in user portal,” give it a Menu Label and Menu Icon.

User settings

Enabling the “Show Subscription Cancel Button” will allow Users to cancel subscriptions right within the portal.

Title and Description

Give the Zoho Subscription page a custom title and description.

Products to Display

The options here are pulled directly from Zoho Subscription’s Product module. If you enable more than one Product, the User will see two Products on the frontend and will need to click into a Product to view Plans that are setup within the Product:



You can customize the Plans to display by entering values in the Ignored Plan field (any value entered will be excluded for the frontend User):


Payment Gateway

Enable the preferred payment gateway (it should match what is setup in Zoho Subscriptions):


After the customizations have been made select "Update" at the bottom right.

Layout: Add custom sections, external elements and layouts by using the buttons at the top right:

The Elements available are: Banner, Text Block, Video Link and iFrame to be displayed in the List View. See this article for more information on ZPortal Elements.

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