License Page Overview

License Page Overview

This menu tab gives an overview of connected Zoho Apps, the account details and usage broken down by available and used API calls, by current day, month over month and API usage by Zoho App.

Two API calls are generated every time a User logs in (one to connect to Zoho CRM and the other to pull up the Contact record). API usage is dependent on the permissions the User is given in terms of sending data back directly to Zoho and, how much data will be called up. For example, a list of CRM deals in a menu will generate 1 API call, editing one deal and submitting the change will generate another API call. Accessing an iFrame of a Zoho Analytics report will not generate API usage.

The admin will be notified when usage hits 80%, 90% and once the the limit has been exhausted. Login to our client portal here to upgrade your subscription or contact us at with questions.

The subscription renews on the date of signup, for example if the license was purchased July 15th, the card on file gets charged on August 15th and the API call counter starts over August 1st.

The Instruction button redirects the User to ZPortals’ knowledge base, the Change License option allows for an exchange of license keys and the Upgrade License button redirects to a list of available subscriptions by price. Once a new subscription is selected, the User is routed to input credit card information.

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