Definitions Explained

Definitions Explained

 Plugin: An application or tool that is installed onto Wordpress to increase features. 
Example: ZPortals is a plugin
  App/Application: The Zoho tools we integrate with. 
Example: Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, etc. 
  Module: A group of data records within Zoho CRM, (excluding one's created by an integration) that collect information for day to day usage. 
Example: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Any Custom Module. 
  Record:  A single entry within a module. 
Example: 1 Contact, 1 Account. 
  Field:  A data point within a record. This is what will sync with ZPortals to show the information inside of a record. 
Example: First Name, Last Name, Email. 
  Lookup:  A field within a module that connects two modules together. 
Example: Account field in the Contact record.  This creates a One to One relationship between a Contact and an Account, and a One to Many relationship between Account and Contacts.  

  Multi Select Lookup: A field within a module that connects a single module entry to multiple entries in a second module. 
Example:  Accounts field in the Contact record.  This creates a One to Many relationship between a Contact and Accounts.  

Example:  Multi Select in both records.  This creates a Many to Many relationship between Contacts and Accounts (meaning multiple accounts can have multiple contacts and vice versa)

  Linking Module: A module that sits in between two modules to add additional relationship information.
Example: A Contact belongs to many Accounts, but has a different role, phone number, or other information that differs between each Account. 

  Section: A grouping of fields for better organization
Example: Address Details section could include Billing Street, Billing State, Billing City, Billing Zip fields. 
  Layout: Organization of sections and fields. 
  Attachments: File attachments that reside within a record of the CRM. 
  User: A contact in the CRM that has been added to ZPortals user table. 
  Profile: Depending on your portal method, it represents the Account record or the Contact record of a user.