Dashboard Content

Dashboard Content

This customization feature is where you can provide useful information for your Users as well as an aesthetically pleasing interface. It will be the first page your Users see so make it count!

To get started go to ZPortals>Customization>Dashboard Content

It will display as “Home” by default but this label and the menu icon are customizable:

Then you add your elements: 

When you save your element it will land in the Draft Element section. To use it drag into the light blue Dashboard 

After you create your elements it is now time to place them on the Dashboard. You do this by first dragging them from the draft element section into the Dashboard canvas. Then on each element you can click the 3 dots to adjust the size.  Check out the video below. 

The size options are :
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    • Video Links

      Embed videos for your user to view right within the homepage.  Please use embed links On the Dashboard Content or Layout area click Add an Element>Video Link
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      You can now also create different Dashboards for each User Profile you create.  To read more about User Profiles check out our articles: Profiles Profiles Configuration Once you have created your profiles follow these steps to create the custom ...
    • Text Block

      A text block is useful for when you are providing an overview of the portal, want to provide written instructions or to give the user any other pertinent background information.  ​ On the Dashboard Content or Layout area click Add an Element>Text ...
    • Quick Links

      Add multiple links, external or from the CRM, that your users may find useful or need easy access to. Note that you can only add this element once but add several quick links in one element. On the Dashboard Content or Layout area click Add an ...
    • Account Manager

      This element is useful for displaying the primary contact person that the User will interact with in your organization (equivalent to the Account Owner of the CRM). This feature pulls in the Zoho CRM record owner’s name, phone, email (from their Zoho ...