Configure Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM extension

Configure Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM extension

Configure with Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM extension

  1. ZPortals with Zoho Workdrive connection authorized. 
  2. Zoho Workdrive for Zoho CRM Extension
  3. Zoho Workdrive Team Folder ID
  4. Zoho Workdrive Parent Folder ID
This only applies to the following modules:  Lead, Accounts, Contacts, Deals, & Campaigns. For custom modules please follow these instructions. 
After you have completed the above requirements and gathered the appropriate IDs follow these steps: 

Go to ZPortals > Customization > Zoho Workdrive and toggle "Show in user portal"
Enter in your Team ID and Parent Folder ID
Map your Workdrive Folder URL from CRM field to Workdrive Link
Map your Workdrive Folder ID from CRM field to Workdrive Folder ID
Choose to show via Iframe or API

With the iFrame connection method, you can set the iFrame Mode and iFrame Theme Color:

For the frontend user these settings will look like this:

The API connection method will let you select whether to show files in a list or gallery view:

Iframe Examples:
With Iframe views the user can preview and download the files in the folder.

API Examples
With API views the user can only download but they can create sub folders.

When the above is toggled on the user will see the "+" to the right below the upload files section:

When the extension is installed in Zoho CRM’s Marketplace, some workflows are created that will automatically populate the Zoho CRM Workdrive fields with values that match the Workdrive ID and file paths. Review this in Zoho CRM by navigating to Setup - Marketplace - All - Installed and selecting Configure under Zoho Workdrive For CRM and expand Accounts, for example:

Ensure that the workflows are turned on in Zoho CRM by going to Setup - Automation - Workflow Rules, filter on the module as an example, this is Accounts and note whether the Status to the right is enabled:

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