Configure Zoho Sign

Configure Zoho Sign

The Zoho Sign integration displays Zoho Sign documents that were sent from the Zoho CRM Marketplace extension. Users will be able to view and download a PDF of the document that is related to them in Zoho CRM.

Ensure that Zoho Sign’s extension has been installed in Zoho CRM’s marketplace.

Verify that the plugin is connected to Zoho Sign, see here.

Important notes about this integration:

For Contact and Vendor based Portal Types, the Contact field in the ZohoSign Documents will be the only one available to map in Zoho API Settings:

Navigate to Customization - Zoho Sign and enable the “Show in user portal” for Zoho Sign documents to display to Users as a menu item. Give it a custom menu label, set the Date Format and a menu icon:

Give the page a custom title and description (optional):

Add columns you would like to show in the user view:

The frontend user will see this:

You can defined a filter for the documents you would like to show. For example, if you would like to only show "Signed" documents or based on a date field:

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