Configure Zoho Inventory (eCommerce)

Configure Zoho Inventory (eCommerce)

This integration will allow Users to access an online store and purchase products directly from Zoho Inventory.

Zoho Inventory is part of the Zoho Finance Suite so make sure the app is integrated with Zoho Books and that Zoho Books is integrated with Zoho CRM (see here).

Activate the integration between the plugin and Zoho Inventory (see here).

A separate Wordpress page should be created for the ecommerce plugin code, see this article.

Note that this integration will not result in a menu tab within the Customization menu. Navigate to E-Commerce, the menu tab directly under the plugin in Wordpress:


      Complete the step by step set up stages:



      You can display all active products or select from the available list to display:





      You can show the category of products:



      As well as the warehouse:


      Lastly, you can give Users filters:



      Coupons can be configured for use at checkout:



      The Customization section controls what fields to display:



      A Redirect URL option is available to redirect Users after a successful purchase:



      And finally, a Payment Gateway can be used (it should be the one configured in Zoho Books/Zoho Inventory):


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