Account Based vs Contact Based Portal Types

Account Based vs Contact Based Portal Types

We offer two Portal Types to optimize the User experience - Account Based portal and Contact Based portal.

Please note that once you select one option, you will not be able to revert to the other option without uninstalling, reinstalling and reconfiguring the plugin in WordPress.

Account Based Portal (Default):  An Account Based Portal is where the Account module in the CRM is the primary component. In ZPortals the Profile menu item will show the Account Module from the CRM to all contacts who are invited. 

Use this type:
  1. if you use the native Zoho CRM Account (and native Contact) module
  2. if you are B2B
  3. if you need more than one contact to be tied together (ie. Household, etc)
You are able to set permissions at account level or contact level with this portal type. 

For example, you have a company (Accounts module) and orders (Deals module) and you want the user to only see the orders where their contact is connected.  

Contact Based Portal:  A Contact Based Portal is where the Contact module is the primary component. The Profile menu will show the Contact's record. 

Use this type:
  1. if you do not use your Accounts module
  2. if you are B2C and do not need to group contacts together
You are only able to set permissions at the single contact level with this portal type. 
If you decide to later use the accounts module you will have to uninstall and reinstall the plugin in order to make this change, so if there is any question select Account Based (Default). 

In summary, the link that ties everything back to a user in the client portal will be the native Contact record in the CRM.

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